The Voice - NBC - Season 10 Bumper


Client: NBC Universal
Production Company: United Artists Media Group
Network: NBC
Creative Directors: Jesse Hallas, Dan Pierse and John Priday
Producer: Conn Reilly

Me – me – me – me – my! Ahem! Talpa Media cast us to warm up the vocal cords for NBC’s The Voice. We took a sip of our cup of tea (with honey and lemon), cleared our throats, engaged our diaphragms and took center stage. Through scales and practice we've revamped the show package and on-stage graphics for Seasons 2 to Today. Season 13! The range of what we've created feels dynamic and sleek, like a music diva, but fits within their gorgeous set design. Find your voice this season.

The Voice - NBC - Season 8 Bumper

The Voice - NBC - Season 10 Stadium

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The Voice - NBC - Show Open
Original 3D elements by Syndrome