Nathan Dodge


Nathan Dodge


Looking back on our first project this year brings up a gratifying feeling that comes after hard work has paid off, and we realize it was also just a really fun time. 

Back in January, our shop opened its doors after the holidays with a week-long assignment in Aspen. 

We collaborated with Viacom's brand integration team to produce two spots celebrating Aspen Gay Ski week that aired during LOGO'S New Now Next Honors Awards. 

The first spot, sponsored by CoverGirl, had us hitting the snow covered slopes and shooting at a gorgeous ski lodge. 

The second spot was a FIAT integration, that involved us driving along the Rocky Mountains' most picturesque roads. 

Our hotel's proximity to the charming down town gave us opportunity to try some outstanding cuisine.  For a moment, we were absorbed in the magic of this winter wonderland and forgot that we are on the clock. Serendipitously, our flights home were canceled due to a storm, forcing us to prolong our stay in beautiful Colorado. Our plan was to catch a flight from Denver.  That drive gave us an extended glimpse of the stunning passes and high-plateus of the frosty country side. 

Work trips are typically so busy and hectic, leaving little to no time for adventure.  This project was a team bonding, unforgettable experience!