Comic Con Take Over

Comic Con Take Over

Framework takes over Comic Con 2016

Comedy Central and Chris Distefano

See how Chris gets into character.

San Diego is invaded by the best and most enjoyable fans every year for Comic Con. This year Framework's team brought together Comedy Central, Doritos, Burger King and Geico in a hilarious 2 day shoot with Chris Distefano.

Chris had a blast talking with fans on the streets and becoming a part of the con. Chris even got into character as a wizard and more for our on set shoot. 

See how Framework took over the streets with Comedy Central at Comic Con 2016.

TruTV and Impractical Jokers

Our team also joined forces with Impractical Jokers and TruTV to bring a little fun and chaos to the streets of San Diego. Like the antics that Jared Leto got up to on the set of Suicide Squad we followed our 'jokers' as they pulled pranks on cosplayers. The search for Harley began with a rough start for our host but surprised us like 5000 volts to the chest.See how Harley put the moves on Joker and more below.

We can’t wait till next years Comic Con. Thanks everyone for making this great!