The return of Lip Sync Battle Season 3 is more epic than ever. Framework Studio has been working with Spike to create the most epic promo season trailer the world has ever seen. It's been an amazing collaboration between both teams to bring performance, creative, and inspiration from the original music video. Lips Sync Battle is known for it's inventive ways of bringing music to life. Over the seasons the sets have gone bigger and the performances continue to grow in scale.

This season of Lips Sync Battle (LSB) is just around the corner so let's take a look at how our team got us to this amazing look and creative for Spike. Framework creative worked on several concepts and the idea of creating an epic music video with all the stars and hosts started us running. We wanted to have an amazing look for the final piece and referenced still photography and 80's style. Production team jumped in full force in order to start shooting alongside Spikes own rigorous and exciting schedule for LSB. Celebrities loved getting into the red jacket and putting on some amazing moves. Orange is the New Black ladies especially went all out for both their LSB and our trailer performances. Congrats to Uzo on her Emmy Award and all the other ladies for their nominations.

That just gave me life. Great job can't wait to tune in.

A core part of the shoot was finding the right city setting to allow for a short shoot window with LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen's intense schedules. The creative was laid out to bring in as many Easter eggs as possible to the finished piece. From iconic outfits to setting and location Framework built in amazing art and wardrobe to the trailer. The Lip Sync Battle dancers were a major part to bring in the choreography and give us an amazing dance battle sequence.

Several weekends of shoots and fast setups with a lot of moving parts has pushed our team to find creative means to capture everything for the final piece. Everyone on set had an amazing time becoming a part of this iconic video. The amount of love and dedication to music, performance, and dance that is seen in this LSB Season 3 Trailer gets the party started for the new season. 

Epic Show👌 Awesome tribute to the king of pop Michael Jackson

We look forward to seeing all the guests on Lip Sync Battle this season. We had a blast creating our new favorite promo.

The trailer has been featured on several entertainment and news articles sharing it as one of the best tributes and promotions in recent history. Facebook video views have reached several millions in just a few hours. See some featured articles about the work and what people are saying.